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Dear Parents,

As spring begins so does stormy weather.  Madison students will be reviewing severe weather procedures on Friday, March 24, 2017.  The following are the procedures for parents during severe weather.  If you have any questions please call 405-366-5910 or click the links below.

Thank You, Dominic Barone, Principal

Tornado Watch/Warning Procedures

Aviso de Tornado / Procedimientos de Advertencia

April Letter from Mr. Barone



February 2, 2017
Dear Madison Family,
February is going to be a fun-filled month, full of a number of school related activities. We
recently celebrated our 100th day of school. Friendship parties are right around the corner, and
we are fresh into our PRIDE Drive 2017 Challenge. If you are looking for a way to get involved
in your child’s school, February should present you with a number of great opportunities. Below
is a list of all the upcoming activities and events taking place at Madison Elementary during the
month of February:
 PRIDE Drive Challenge Begins, 2/1
 Friendship Parties, 2/14
 President’s Day/No School
 Terrific Kids Assembly, 2/21
 McFarlin Mobile Food Pantry, 2/21
 Parent-Teacher Conferences, 3/9-3/10
 Spring Break, 3/13-3/17
As I stated above, this month we began our PRIDE Drive Challenge. During the month of
February and the first couple of weeks in March, we challenge our students to earn as many
Paw PRIDE stickers as they can in a given week. This year we have challenged the student
body to collectively earn 300 Paw PRIDE stickers during this challenge window. In the event
that our students rise up and meet this challenge, a morning celebration activity will take place
the Thursday before their spring break vacation begins. We would love your support throughout
this month in pumping up your child to join in this positive school-wide opportunity.
We’re going to have a busy and exciting February here at Madison Elementary. As always, my
door is always open; don’t hesitate to get in touch, and thank you for the opportunity to
learn/work with your children.
Dominic Barone, PrincipalMarch 2nd, 2017Dear Madison Family,

April 6, 2017

Dear Madison Family,

April is officially here, and it’s a month full of everything from state assessments to our school-wide fundraiser.  Below is a list of all the upcoming activities and events taking place at Madison Elementary during the month of April:

  • 3rd Grade State Assessments, 4/4 – 4/12

  • 4th Grade State Assessments, 4/4 – 4/12

  • 5th Grade State Assessments, 4/4 – 4/13

  • 4th Grade Musical, 4/20

  • Honor Choir Tour, 4/21

  • Terrific Kids Assembly, 4/24

  • Dance Party for Big Brothers Big Sisters, 4/28

Throughout April, students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be tackling their state assessments in the areas of reading, math, and science (5th only).  With that being said, it’s important that all students are on time and at school ready to go by 8:00am.  A good night’s sleep and a good breakfast go a long way towards helping set our students up for success each day of testing.  Both academic and behavioral stamina are disrupted when students start their day off without a good night’s sleep and on an empty stomach.  Help us help our students by planning ahead and arriving ready to go throughout the month of April.  Don’t forget breakfast at Madison Elementary is free to all students during our two weeks of state assessment.

Also this month, Madison Elementary will be tackling a PTA sponsored fundraiser. This year, we are selling custom cookbooks for $15 each. The cookbooks will be professionally published and feature favorite recipes from our students, teachers, parents and alumni.  We are hoping each Madison family will submit at least one recipe.  The Madison PTA cookbook is a great keepsake, so we want as many people to participate as possible.  Please touch base with your child(ren) about what they can do to help our PTA raise money for Madison Elementary.  

One last reminder, as we roll into Spring, its always important to review Madison’s severe weather procedures with your children.  We recently sent home a letter outlining our procedures as well as posted them on our website.  Please make time if you haven’t already done so to review these very important safety procedures.

As I stated before, April has many important events/activities.  As always, my door is always open, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and thank you for the opportunity to learn/work with your children.


Dominic Barone, Principal



«Please See Below for Important Information Regarding Cold-Weather Dismissal Procedures«







Cold-Weather Dismissal Procedures for all Car-Riders:



When the wind-chill is 32° or below we will dismiss all car riders from inside.  Please help us with following the cold-weather procedures outlined below:


  • All Pre-K and K will be dismissed at the west end of the parking lot;
  • All 1st-5th at the east end of the parking lot;
  • We ask that all parents stay in your cars to pick up your students;  
  • Please put the yellow name card in your window so it is visible for the person calling student names;  
  • If you typically greet your child as they exit the building, please park and meet them outside the main office doors located near the bus lane;
  • All dismissal doors by the parking lot will be used only for car riders and will be exit only;


We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures when weather is a factor to ensure that the dismissal process goes smoothly and quickly.  


Again, thank you for your patience and understanding,


Madison Faculty/Staff

Mrs. Richardson is named Madison's Teacher of the Year!

November 21st, 2016

We are proud to announce that Mrs. Richardson will represent Madison as Teacher of the Year.  This is Mrs. Richardson's sixth year as a Madison Bulldog and eighth year teaching elementary music.  She received her Bachelor of Music from James Madison University in Virginia and will complete her master's degree in Music Education in 2017. Mrs. Richardson holds National Kodály certification from the University of Oklahoma.  

Outside of school Mrs. Richardson teaches family music classes for toddlers and their parents called Music Together.  She also enjoys running, making music with her husband, and baking.  Things that Mrs. Richardson loves the most in this world are: her dog Pepper, dark chocolate, Virginia mountains, and hearing children sing.  

Arrival/Drop Off Reminders:

  1. Remember that many of our students arrive to school on foot, please adhere to traffic patterns outlined below.  

  2. If you need to park, please use the parking lot on the west side of the school.  Please respect the flow of traffic to ensure safety for all.

  3. If you are dropping off your child and the side doors (denoted by the triangle below) are closed, and there is not a teacher present, please park and make sure your student walks around to the main entrance (denoted by the star below).

  4. Finally, remember that the side yards along George Ave. are private property and all parked cars will be subject to ticketing/towing.

Madison Dismissal Map

Parent Information from PRIDE night:

First Grade
Second Grade - O'Connell
Second Grade - Meiser and Fletcher
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Madison Bulldogs Show Paw PRIDE!!! 

Partners in Education

The Partners in Education program is a collaboration between Norman Public Schools and the Norman Chamber of Commerce. The program encourages collaborative efforts between schools, local businesses and organizations to provide programs, materials and volunteers that augment curriculum and enhance student learning. To learn more, visit the Norman Chamber of Commerce's website.


Thank you to our Partners in Education!

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