Norman High School

Estimated Start Date

Technology (all schools):

Intelligent Classrooms - Such as: Digital Projectors, Document Cameras, Interactive White Boards, Voice Distribution Systems, Student Response Systems,   Wireless Laptop Carts



Intelligent Classroom

Intelligent Classroom 

Additions & Renovations:
Norman High School:

Lighting, Flooring, Marker Boards, Painting, Parking, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning


January 2012

Agriculture Building:


Serving Norman High and Norman North to include Classroom Space, Shop Area , Greenhouse $1,995,000 November 2011

overall plan

Food court
NHS Food Court before
food court after
NHS Food Court after
tiger paws                    tiger pause after
NHS Tiger Pause before                                                                                                        NHS Tiger Pause after
                                    tiger pause                    tiger pause                                                                                        NHS Tiger Pause before                                                                        NHS Tiger Pause after    

vo ag        vo ag

                                                Agricultural Sciences Building before                                                            Agricultural Sciences Building after






Norman High Parking Lot

Athletic Facilities
Remodel Competition Gym @ Norman High School:

Tiger Paws, Gym Bleacher Seating, Locker Rooms, Coaches' Offices, Wrestling Room, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning $2,365,000 January 2012

Renovate the South Gym Dressing Room @ Norman High School: $80,000 Completed

Build New Bleachers on First Base Side of Norman High School Softball Field @ Irving Middle School (200 seats) $75,000 June 2012

Build New Indoor Workout Facility and Storage for Norman High School Complex @ Irving Middle School $665,000 June 2012

Raise Bleachers on Visitor Side of Harve Collins Football Field $35,000 January 2012

NHS Weight Room Floor