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NPS announces plan to make up December snow days

12-13-2013 at 01:05 pm

Norman Public Schools is announcing its plan to make up the three snow days incurred Friday, Dec. 6; Monday, Dec. 9 and Tuesday, Dec. 10.


The make-up days will be:

Monday, Jan. 20 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
Monday, Feb.17 (President’s Day)


The district has four snow days built into its 2013-14 calendar and the first two are Jan. 20 and Feb. 17.


The district also has additional minutes built into each school day. These minutes must accrue during the school year in accordance with state law. To date, we have accrued enough minutes that the district is comfortable using some minutes to make up for the third snow day.


As a reminder: NPS' Winter Break is Monday, Dec. 23 through Wednesday, Jan. 1. District offices are open during schools' Winter Break, with the exception of Dec. 24-25 and Jan. 1.


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