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Fact Sheet related to sexual assault allegations involving NHS students

11-24-2014 at 06:05 pm

Released to public & news media:

• In late September, a female student of Norman High School and her mother reported an alleged rape to school staff. The alleged rape did not occur at school or at a school event and reportedly occurred over a weekend.

• School officials investigated, promptly suspended a male student in connection with the first report received and immediately reported the allegation to the Norman Police Department. District officials have engaged in full and complete disclosure to and cooperation with the Norman Police Department investigators.

• The alleged assailant was given the harshest punishment provided by state law, which is suspension for the remainder of the school year. He is not expected to return to Norman High as a student ever again.

• Since the district’s receipt of the first report, two additional young women made allegations of sexual assault regarding the same alleged assailant. One young woman has alleged she was raped off campus and, again, not in connection with the school or a school event. This occurred after the male student’s removal from school. The Norman Police Department received a report of a third possible incident involving the same alleged assailant, but the district has not received an official report and no additional details are available.

• No victims have been disciplined for reporting sexual assault or for showing a video depicting their alleged assault.

• Victims of sexual assault and other trauma are not prevented from attending school and the district would always provide flexibility in learning if a student desired that. The goal is always to provide educational opportunities and other supports to victims.

• The district received one report of bullying related to the above incidents and immediately responded to that incident.

• The district has worked closely with Norman Police Department investigators to ensure that the police have all information available to the school.

• Parents of 273 students gave parental permission for their students to participate in the demonstration today; 639 students were absent from first hour; Norman High enrollment as of this school year is 1,992 students.


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