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Board of Education approves nearly $2 million in raises for teachers, support staff

09-04-2012 at 08:20 pm

The Norman Board of Education, at a regular bimonthly meeting held tonight at Norman High School, approved a teacher pay raise for the 2012-2013 school year.


The action follows 99 percent of voting Professional Educators of Norman members last week approving the district’s recommended compensation for certified staff for the current school year. The raise gives each full-time teacher a step raise and an across-the-board $850 pay raise.


Each step on the district’s adopted pay scale for certified teachers varies depending on years of service to the district and the highest academic degree earned by the teacher. On average, the raise will increase teacher pay by approximately 4 percent.


“We believed this is an important thing to do for our faculty, and that it is the right thing to do,” said Superintendent Dr. Joe Siano. “Since the recession, our teachers have had years when they received no step raise at all and they are working harder than ever before with more students in the class and more mandates from the state and federal government.”


Siano indicated that the district would again be receiving less funding from the state this school year, even though its enrollment has been climbing in recent years. The district will be utilizing reserve funds to pay for the raise, which equates to approximately $1.1 million for the nearly 1,100 certified teachers working in the district.


Also, at tonight’s meeting, the Board approved a support personnel raise of an additional step on their respective pay tables and 45 cents more an hour. Examples of school support personnel are bus drivers, school secretaries, crossing guards, maintenance workers, teaching assistants, interpreters, etc. The support raise will affect 590 employees and cost approximately $750,000. It, too, was very much needed, Siano said, and is possible due to the district’s reserve funds.


“Support employees play a significant role in the work of the school district and we are glad to make a significant contribution to their compensation,” he said.


Editor’s Note: Both the Oklahoman and the Norman Transcript last week published an opinion-editorial Dr. Siano wrote on the district’s reserve funding.


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