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Severe Weather/Tornado Procedures

Following the May 20, 2013, tornado in Moore, NPS sought the assistance of the City of Norman's Emergency Management Coordinator and multi-disciplinary teams to review severe weather procedures and sheltering locations at each of its school buildings. The teams included professionals from the National Weather Service (NWS), Weather Decision Technologies, engineers, architects and many others. While NPS does not have a facility with official FEMA certification, principals are using the most appropriate and safest locations for student and faculty sheltering as identified by the teams.

Awareness and communication are key. Each Monday, district staff participates in a NWS webinar to review in detail the weather outlook for the week. If the forecast calls for any severe weather, principals and other staff members are immediately notified. NWS increases the frequency of its direct communication with NPS to daily, hourly, etc., depending on the immediacy and severity of a weather threat, and NPS is in constant and direct contact with principals and parents.
School Sheltering Locations