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2013-2014 Orientation Dates

You MUST attend a Substitute Orientation in addition to completing the online application. The following will be the only dates & times offered. All training is conducted at:
     Norman North High School
     Nancy O'Brian Center for the Performing Arts
     1809 Stubbeman
     Norman, OK 73069.  

  • July 31st (Wednesday)
    8:00 AM for New Substitutes
    12:30 PM for Returning Substitutes 
  • August 14th (Wednesday)
    8:00 AM for Returning Substitutes
    12:30 PM for New Substitutes 
  • August 29th (Thursday) 
    8:15 AM for New & Returning Substitutes
  • September 18th (Wednesday) 
    12:15 PM for New & Returning Substitutes
  • November 7th (Thursday) 
    8:15 AM for New & Returning Substitutes
  • December 11th (Wednesday) 
    12:15 PM for New & Returning Substitutes
  • January 16th (Thursday) 
    8:15 AM for New & Returning Substitutes
  • February 13th (Thursday) 
    12:15 PM for New & Returning Substitutes
Orientations will last approximately 3.5 hours. Both new and returning substitutes must attend an orientation.

To be a returning substitute, you must have been a substitute in the Norman Public School District during the 2012-2013 school year. New Substitutes will need to bring the following:

  • One Document to Establish Identity (Driver’s License, School ID Card, Military Card)
  • One Document to Establish Employment Eligibility (Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, US Passport, Native American Tribal Card)
  • Voided check if direct deposit is wanted
  • College transcripts (copies are accepted)
  • Current Oklahoma Teacher Certificate (if applicable).

Substitute Pay:

  • Non Certified - $60 per day
  • Certified - $70 per day (In order to qualify for certified pay, you must have a current Oklahoma Teaching Certificate on file with NPS)
  • Special Facilities - $70 per day (Please see list of facilities in Substitute Teacher Handbook.)
  • Long Term - $174.07 per day (To qualify for a long term job, you need to be certified in the subject in which you are teaching and the job needs to extend past 30 days.  Certification must be on file with NPS.)
  • Teacher Assistant - $55 per day (Certified or Non Certified)
Bright Beginnings Substitute Information
Residential Facilities Substitute Information


NEW to NPS this school year is the ability to get the Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazardous Communications, FERPA, and Alcohol/Drug Awareness training online instead of viewing the videos during substitute orientation. EVERYONE applying to be a substitute for NPS will need to print and bring the certificates of completion to Robbi Mullinax, in the Personnel  Department at the Administrative Services Center, 131 S. Flood Ave, or you may scan and e-mail certificates to  No one will be allowed to substitute without completing the online training.


Steps for the online training:

  1. Go to the NPS homepage.
  2. Scroll down the right hand side to GCN online training.
  3. Click on LOGIN to view training.
  4. You will see a pre-login checklist, click LOGIN to view training again.
  5. Select NEW USER.
  6. Enter Organizational ID: 74682n and submit.
  7. Preferred Personal ID: 1st initial of first name and your full last name, e.g. ssubstitute. Your Preferred Personal ID must be at least 5 characters long.

There is a short test at the end of each tutorial which you will need to complete and pass in order to print out the Certificate of Completion. Call 366-5979 for any assistance.

Please email Robbi Mullinax or call 405.366.5979 with additional questions.