Proficiency Promotion Testing

Proficiency Promotion for 2017-18: 

Spring Testing Date Is Wednesday, May 31.

Fall Testing Date Is Monday, July 31.

Each application is due one week before testing date. 

A student, who does not submit application, will not be eligible to test.

Proficiency Application form for 2017-18
is no longer available, as of July 24th.

Secondary Proficiency Promotion Tests cover 
the following subjects:  Algebra I, II; Geometry; 
Math Analysis; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; 
English I, II, III, IV; Oklahoma History;
Government; U.S. History; World Geography; 
World History; World Language (Levels I, II, III, IV)
for Chinese or Spanish, (Levels I, II, III) for French
or Latin, and (Levels I, II) for German; and
General Music/Visual Art and Intro to Dance

Flowchart for Private School and Proficiency

Proficiency test preparations
can be found at the following site:
Oklahoma State Department of Education 

Fine Arts test preparations can be found at:

Calculator Policy for proficiency math and science
tests administered by Norman Public Schools

Personal Financial Literacy Student Materials

Beginning with students in the Class of 2018, PFL 
requirement will be met as part of U.S. Government