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Severe Weather Procedures

Certified “StormReady” by National Weather Service

The Norman Public School District is one of only 2,400 certified locations throughout the United States to be certified “storm ready” by the National Weather Service. As a StormReady Supporter district, Norman Public Schools are better prepared for severe weather through advanced planning, education and awareness. A team comprised of National Weather Service representatives and school safety officials have reviewed the district’s safety and awareness plans and work together on an ongoing basis to focus on student safety. Click here to learn more about the certification.

Tornado Watch/Warning Procedures

  • School will not be canceled for tornado watches/warnings, however, if parents believe it is in the best interest of their children to keep their students home the absence will be excused.

  • Students will be moved to safe shelter locations when a tornado warning is in effect. See below list of safe shelter locations for each school.

  • Parents who wish to retrieve their students amid severe weather may do so until sirens are activated in Norman. When sirens have been activated, all school personnel will be unable to serve parents as they will be in the school’s safe shelter location.

  • Only individuals who have been previously approved to pick up students will be allowed to sign a student out. The process will be streamlined to the extent possible without compromising student safety. No students will be released after the sirens have been activated as students and staff will be in safe shelter locations.

  • School buses will not begin afternoon routes if the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Norman and/or Cleveland County or if the weather service has communicated with the district that a transportation delay would be prudent.

  • If a warning occurs after buses have departed, buses will be diverted to the nearest school. Parents will be notified of any transportation delays.

  • Prior to a tornado warning being issued, students who drive may leave independently only if a parent or guardian has notified the school. However, when a tornado warning for the area is in effect and/or sirens have been activated, students will not be permitted to leave independently.

  • The Norman Public School District’s schools and facilities are not equipped to serve as community storm shelters.

Safe Shelter Locations

District officials have collaborated with the National Weather Service, the City of Norman’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Weather Decision Technologies and multi-disciplinary teams including engineers, architects and others to identify safe sheltering locations for students. Click a site below to review the safe sheltering location for that site.

Adams Elementary Alcott Middle School
Cleveland Elementary Dimensions ES / Dimensions High
Eisenhower Elementary Irving Middle School
Jackson Elementary
(Click here for more information about Jackson's procedures.)
Jefferson Elementary
Kennedy Elementary Lakeview Elementary
Lincoln Elementary Longfellow Middle School
Madison Elementary McKinley Elementary
Monroe Elementary Norman High School
Norman North High School Reagan Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary Truman Elementary
Truman Primary Washington Elementary
Whittier Middle School Wilson Elementary























Winter Weather Cancellation Procedures

Prior to making a decision to cancel school due to inclement weather, district administrators monitor road and parking conditions, sidewalk accessibility, temperatures and precipitation amounts. Serious considerations are given to the following areas:

  • Safety of facilities (heat, air, power, parking lots, etc.)

  • Safety of transportation (road conditions on streets traveled by buses, timely route completion)

  • Ability of students who drive to navigate road conditions and parking lots

  • Safety of students who walk to school

  • Ability of instructional and support staff to travel to schools and/or district offices and provide appropriate supervision and critical services such as food service for students.

When inclement weather occurs or is in the forecast, district officials maintain close communication with the National Weather Service and City of Norman personnel. When schools must be closed due to inclement weather, the following considerations are important:

  • The district endeavors to announce the decision to close as soon as possible and reports the information to parents and local news media.

  • All days missed due to weather conditions will be made up as needed to meet the school year requirement.

  • When winter conditions develop during the school day, schools will not be dismissed early because many parents work and students could potentially be arriving home to a locked house.

  • If the weather begins to deteriorate during the school day, parents may pick up their student(s) early without penalty.

  • If inclement weather is forecasted and school is not canceled but parents believe it is in the best interest of their children’s health and safety to have them at home, the absence will be excused.

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