Digital Safety and Citizenship

Materials for NPS teachers
The district has created a Moodle course for NPS teachers to use when teaching students about digital safety and digital citizenship. These materials are only available to NPS staff and students.

Directions on how to enter Digital Safety and Citizenship grades in Infinite Campus can be found here.

Purpose and Goal

  • The purpose of the Moodle course is to provide teachers with a variety of developmentally appropriate instructional materials and activities to meet state and federal requirements for Digital Safety and Digital Citizenship.
  • The educational goal is to teach students appropriate behavior and help them understand the implications of their actions when using online resources.
  • The course is organized by grade levels: PreK-2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, and 9th - 12th grades.
Overview of Themes and Concepts
  • Digital Safety - How to protect yourself: privacy, meeting people online, cyberbullying, spam, phishing, fraud, viruses, identity theft, geolocation
  • Digital Citizenship - How to be socially responsible: netiquette, photo tagging, acceptable use of networks/hardware/software, cyberbullying, copyright, plagiarism
  • Digital Footprint - How to manage your reputation: social networks, email, chat, texting, posting online, photo tagging, facial recognition, data privacy

Documents used to guide this course
If you have any questions about the Digital Safety and Citizenship curriculum, please call the Instructional Services Center at (405) 366-5864.