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All transfer requests should be filed with either the Director of Elementary Education (PreK - 5th grade) or Director of Secondary Education (6 - 12th grade).

Before applying, parents should understand that they are responsible for furnishing transportation of their child to and from school, and the transfer may be revoked by the school principal if the student’s grades, attendance, transportation arrangements, or behavior reach an unacceptable level.


In-District Transfer Form (2017-2018)

In-District Transfer Form (2016-2017)

Open Student Transfer Form

Emergency Transfer Form


In-district transfers may be requested by filing application for transfer of school site within the NPS district.  Parents must reside within the NPS district boundaries before applying.  Parents of multiple children seeking placement must submit a separate application for each child. 


For Parents of New Pre-Kindergarten Students:  In-district transfer requests are not required to attend another school site.

For Parents of New Kindergarten Students:  As our kindergarten classes have had a history of high enrollment, transfer requests customarily cannot be acted upon until after confirmation of enrollment in early August.  Please keep this in mind when submitting your application.


Transfer requests are not considered on a first-come/first-served basis, but by priority levels and classroom space.  Most often, transfers will not be reviewed until projected enrollment is compiled in late May.



1.        Junior or Senior level students affected by residence change within the district.

2.        Siblings of a student currently in attendance on transfer.

3.        District employee’s children.

4.        Student who has continuously attended as a resident of a Norman school for at least two years and are

          subsequently affected by a residency change within the District.

5.        Students currently attending on a transfer who desire to remain at the school and within its vertical

          feeder pattern.

6.        A student whose parent(s), is employed outside of the home, or are unable to care for the pupil and

          must secure care for the child during part of the day in an area where care is available.

7.        Student who resides in the District and are supporting themselves entirely by their own efforts.

8.        A high school student whose work schedule creates a hardship in attendance in his/her

          regular attendance area. 

9.        All other NPS students requesting transfers.


Emergency Transfer Form 

Emergency out-of-district transfers may be requested by filing application with the receiving district beyond the Open Transfer deadline (June 2). Grades, attendance, and discipline records from the student's previous academic year are required with application. Parent applicant must also attach a written explanation of the reason for this emergency transfer.