Mike Tauscher

Mike Tauscher

Director of Transportation

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Transportation Gold Medallion Award

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Transportation Safety

Our fleet is up-to-date with state-of-the-art safety features including:

  • Improved visibility with advanced mirror systems that are heated

  • 360-degree aerial camera system, including a rear vision camera for backing up, enabling the driver to have a live view around the bus when loading and unloading students

  • Black hoods that reduce glare for drivers, eliminating blinding light

  • Tinted windows reducing glare and improving climate control year round

  • Two 'stop' signs (one in front of the bus, and one at the rear) provide increased visibility when loading/unloading students on roadways

  • Lighted front/rear 'school bus' signs offer increased visibility at night and early morning

  • New collision and lane departure warning systems

  • Exclusive use of Michelin open-shoulder tires has improved traction, reduced hydroplaning and increased fuel mileage

NPS Fleet

The active running fleet currently consists of:

  • 1 motor coach

  • 2 activity buses

  • 100 school buses

    • 10 wheelchair lift buses

    • 49 buses (71 passenger)

    • 34 buses (59 passenger)

    • 4 short buses

    • 3 short buses with wheelchair lifts

    • 1 library bus

    • 3 wheelchair vans

    • 1 van (10 passenger)

    • 2 passenger vans

Transportation Quick Facts

172 Daily Active Routes

Active Bus Routes

80 Drivers & 50 Monitors

Active Bus Routes

183.5 Square Miles Covered, including Goldsby

Miles Covered

12,000 Students Transported Every Day

Students Transported